[b-hebrew] Theophoric Name: Y:HOWYFQIYM

David P Donnelly davedonnelly1 at juno.com
Tue Jan 3 14:54:20 EST 2006

The Encyclopedia Britannica of 1910-1911 states:
The name Jhvh enters into the composition of many names of persons in the
Old Testament, 
either as the initial element, in the form Jeho- or Jo- (as in Jehoram,
or as the final element in the form -jahu or -jah (as in Adonijahu,
These various forms are perfectly regular if the divine name was Yahweh,
 and, taken altogether, they cannot be explained on any other hypothesis.

[i.e. transliterated as Jehoiakim in my NIVIHEOT] 
is a Theophoric name found at I Chronicles 3:15
Has this Compound Hebrew name been created by adding the prefix YFH. 
(via a holem waw) 
and in the process the “qamets” in YFH. 
has become the simple shewa in Y:HOWYFQIYM

Dave Donnelly

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