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Sorry, I hadn't look at the text. However, the same applies with נגיד.
Why do we have to translate it as "prince," which really seems stilted
in English? I was just suggesting that "prince" is a little too
technical in English (= son of the king). נגיד and שר do not bear this
meaning generally. They are both better understood as "ruler" or
"minister" or "governor" than as "prince." And I would think that ברית
would function adjectivally in this construct phrase. That is why I
suggested something like "covenanted" or "covenant" ruler/minister.

Translating נגיד as "prince" has also led to Christians translating
9:25 of Daniel as "Messiah the Prince," although משיח נגיד would maybe
better be understood as "an anointed ruler" (indefinite) or "an
exalted anointed one" (if נגיד be understood as the adjective
modifying משיח).

What do you make of this?


On 8/31/06, Steve Miller <smille10 at sbcglobal.net> wrote:
> Yonah,
> Where are you are getting שר from in Dan. 11:22?
> I am referring to נְגִיד בְּרִֽית׃ nageed brit.
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