[b-hebrew] Was Daniel a prophet?

Shoshanna Walker rosewalk at concentric.net
Thu Aug 31 13:07:32 EDT 2006

Did the Sanhedrin verify him?

According to Vilna Gaon, "Daniel Ish Chamudos" was the 44th out of 48 
male prophets of Israel.  The dates given on the chart that I am 
looking at, are approximate:  3340 - 3400  (counting from the the 
year the world was created - now we are in the year 5766, so you can 
count backward)

Apparently the Talmud in Megilla 15a discusses this

The year prophecy ended was 3448 - with Malachi - Ezra.

I found a translation on line of the Talmud, but it doesn't reference 
the "pages" - ie; 15a


However I saw this, in chapter 1:

It is written [Dan. x. 7]: "And I, Daniel, saw alone this appearance, 
but the men that were with me did not see the appearance; 
nevertheless a great terror fell upon them, so that they fled to hide 
themselves." Who were these men? Said R. Jeremiah, according to 
others R. Hyya b. Abba: They were Haggai, Zechariah, and Malachi. 
They were better than he, because they were prophets, and be, Daniel, 
was not a prophet. And he was better than they because be saw it, and 
they, did not see it. But if they did not see, why fell a terror upon 
them? Although they did not see literally, they saw it clairvoyantly. 
Said Rabbina: From this we may infer that whoso is terrified, 
although he does not himself see, he sees clairvoyantly.

Talmud Megillah is also where it says who the 7 female prophetesses 
are (including Esther)

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