[b-hebrew] Mashiax/Christos

goranson at duke.edu goranson at duke.edu
Thu Aug 31 05:56:24 EDT 2006

Quoting Yigal Levin <leviny1 at mail.biu.ac.il>:

> However NOWHERE in the Tanakh (with the possible exception of Daniel
> 9:25-26), is the term "mashiax" used when clearly speaking of a FUTURE
> savior - Davidic, divine or otherwise. The prophets often speak of a future
> Davidic king, the "branch" of Jesse etc., but NOWHERE is this figure called
> "mashiax". The attachment of the title "mashiax" to the future savior is a
> late Second Temple concept, which was picked up on by the early followers of
> the "Teacher of Righteousness", of Jesus, of Bar-Kokhba and of others.
> Yigal Levin

In the case of the "Teacher of Righteousness" are you sure? Can you quote any
Qumran Essene manuscript that calls him messiah?

Stephen Goranson

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