[b-hebrew] Daniel 11:22

Steve Miller smille10 at sbcglobal.net
Wed Aug 30 23:52:17 EDT 2006

I can't see any way that "and also prince of covenant" could refer to the
Messiah. This prince of a covenant is swept away and broken by the
contemptible person of v21.  The "antichrist" (i.e. the little horn of Dan
8:9) does not do that to the Messiah.

If the contemptible person in v21 is the little horn of Dan 8:9, then "a
prince of a covenant" who is broken by him, should be someone that
antichrist made a covenant with, and then double-crossed. This thought is
continued in v23.

It may be that "prince of a covenant" refers back to the prince who makes
the 7-yr covenant in Dan 9:26-27. The words for prince and covenant are the
same in both Dan 9:26-27 & 11:22. If that is the case, then the contemptible
person in v21 is not antichrist, but some other contemptible person who
becomes a king, like the king in 11:16-20.

-Steve Miller

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> From: John B. Senterfitt Sent: Tuesday, August 29, 2006 1:35 PM
> Seeing as how I am quite new to this endeavor I would appreciate it if I
> am not acting according to b-hebrew protocol, that you let me know.
> And so, assuming I am ok, I will go ahead and ask my question.
> Is there any conceivable way that Daniel 11:22 and the last statement
> "also prince of covenant" could be in reference to Messiah?
> I know the verses before and after are obviously referring to the
> antichrist but could it be that verse 22 is a nugget so easily overlooked?
> John B. Senterfitt

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