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Shoshanna Walker rosewalk at concentric.net
Wed Aug 30 23:02:10 EDT 2006

Why Isaiah 61:1?  This is about Isaiah

Do you mean Psalm 45:8?  Also used as a verb

Psalm 2:2 - this does refer to Mashiach, according to Rashi this 
whole Psalm alludes to the encounter between the nations and Mashiach.

Lamentations 4:20   - This refers to King Josiah, who was killed by 
Egyptian archers (II Chronicles 35:23-25)

I Samuel 2 - this is a prophetic judgement against the priest, Eli. 
I think Mashiach here, too, refers to a king, since kings usually had 
a prophet guiding them.

How about: Isa. 61:1; Psalm 45:7; 2:2; Lam 4:20 & 1 Sam 2:35?
-Steve Miller

> ----- Original Message -----
> But Shoshanna, it SAYS "Mashiax"! So where DOES the Tanakh use the word
> "Mashiax" to mean other than just a regular, "non-Messianic" king? Where
> does  the Tanakh use the word "Mashiax" to mean what you (and I),
> conceptualize when we say "Mashiach"?
> Yigal Levin

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