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Dear Shoshana,
I am not the one who labeled Cyrus "Messiah."
Whoever did label him such evidently thought he fulfilled the necessary
Liz Fried

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> You mentioned only a few of the functions of Mashiach.  If someone
> only performed those three jobs, it wouldn't be enough to consider
> them Mashiach.  Cyrus, for instance, would not be able to correct
> Torah observance and cause all of Israel to keep Torah completely.
> Shoshanna
> Cyrus is not just called God's anointed, Cyrus is God's anointed.
> That which Cyrus does becomes the job description of any future anointed,
> namely to rebuild the temple, rebuild Jerusalem, and to bring home the
> exiles.
> Cyrus's actions become the prototype.
> Best,
> Liz Fried
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