[b-hebrew] Mashiax/Christos

Arne Halbakken 1stluth at smig.net
Wed Aug 30 21:01:28 EDT 2006

At 7:17 PM -0400 8/30/06, Harold Holmyard wrote:
>HH: The future savior of Israel is clearly the Davidic king and the
>servant. The person has many different names. Of course the Davidic king
>can be called Mashiach, and one verse is all you need to make the
>identification plain. Prophecy is somewhat like a jigsaw puzzle.
>Harold Holmyard

FWIW, in several of his works, Don Juel has done a nice job in 
tracing the history and development of messianism through the Hebrew 
Bible, Qumran, the "Pseudepigrapha", and the NT.

Jacob Neusner also has several works that trace messianism in later 
Jewish literature.

For purposes of this list, however, it may be best to stick with 
specific texts in the Tanakh (or Qumran).

Arne Halbakken

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