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Shoshanna Walker rosewalk at concentric.net
Wed Aug 30 20:11:32 EDT 2006

Rashi must have known something we don't.  He has great authority as 
someone who knows written and oral Torah.  Obviously I am going to 
listen to him over you.  Same thing with the editor of the Stone 
Chumash who has collected from many others of similar stature as 


>You translated Shavuim as weeks, not sets of seven years.

HH: It doesn't matter which way you do it. That was a published Bible,
not me. Did you even read the dictionary entry I gave you, which shows
that you can express it either way?

a primary noun, . . . : 1) week; 2) a cycle of seven years (Dalman Wb.
413a); DSS (Kuhn Konkordanz 216) pl. masc. and fem.: a week of years (to
mean every seven years), so 1QS 10:7, 8 and probably also Dam. 16:4, on
which see Maier Texte 1: 41a; DJD 1: p. 96, text 41:2 . . . .
on the pl. masc. (only in Daniel) and fem. cf. a group of seven, a seven
part unit . . . .
ó1. seven consecutive days, week . . . .
ó2. the festival of seven weeks, Pentecost, see Tobit 21. . . .
ó3. a week of years, a period of seven years: one week long Da 9:27, . .
. seven weeks 925, sixty-two weeks 9:25f, seventy weeks 9:24 . . . .

>Verse 27, is as I have written, Rashi teaches this.

HH: It doesn't seem to work, even if Rashi says it. It does not fit the
483 years from the decree to rebuild Jerusalem. You need to study this.

Harold Holmyard
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