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Shoshanna Walker rosewalk at concentric.net
Wed Aug 30 09:45:11 EDT 2006

Rambam listed what the requirements of Mashiach are, who it is, and 
what Mashiach must accomplish in order to be considered Mashiach

Translating a word doesn't mean they understand the concept or even 
accept the concept.

Obviously I can't be more specific on this forum, or get into 
arguments of doctrine.  I can do that off list if anyone wants.


>> There IS NO Greek equivalent of Mashiach.
>The LXX translators did not agree with you when for example in Psalm 
>2:2 they translated Mashiach as Christos. The same word is used in 
>the quotation in Acts 4:26, tending to confirm that this is a 
>per-Christian usage. I strongly suspect that Christos is used for 
>the Messiah in certainly pre-Christian Greek works e.g. at Qumran, 
>but I don't have the proof at hand.
>> They don't attribute the same meaning to the concept that we do.
>> They don't understand OUR concept of Mashiach.
>Who are the "they" you are referring to here? This may be true of 
>some Christians, but don't assume it is true of all. I would hope 
>that Christians aim to understand the Jewish concept of the Messiah 
>as clearly as possible. We do hold that Jesus of Nazareth fulfilled 
>that role. That does not, or should not, imply that we read the 
>entire Christian doctrine of Christ back into the Jewish concept of 
>the Messiah. Nor of course would we take later Rabbinical 
>interpretations as authoritative. But it would be wrong to read 
>Christian understandings back into the Hebrew Bible concept of the 
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