[b-hebrew] To Yigal: Re: Daniel 11:22

Shoshanna Walker rosewalk at concentric.net
Wed Aug 30 09:40:33 EDT 2006

Sorry, semantic.  Prophets speak WITH G-d, meaning G-d also speaks. 
Anyone can speak TO G-d, or think they are speaking to G-d.

Also, many people pray, as Daniel was doing in the verses you cite - 
during prayer, one addresses G-d.

He was not being spoken to by G-d.


> a.  Daniel never spoke directly to God. According to the Torah, 
>prophets speak to God, not to intermediaries like angels. Daniel saw 
>angels and never spoke to God. This is the primary reason Daniel is 
>not considered a prophet.
This is an interesting definition of a prophet. I would have expected 
the reverse, that God speaks to prophets rather than vice versa.

But certainly Daniel spoke directly to God, especially 9:4-19, 
addressed directly to "O Lord, the great and awesome God".

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