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Mashiach is not used here in this verse. In fact, the sequence of events
promulgated by Daniel, ca. 640-630 BCE, is such that it describes the
conflict between the Ptolmeys and the Seleucids after the division of the
Empire of Alexander the Great (11:1-4). Judea was between a rock and a hard
place as the Ptolmeys and the Seleucids fought over control of the land.
Eventually, Antiochus III won out ca. 193 BCE. The rest they say is history.
I would recommend I Maccabbees and Josephus to be read in conjunction with
Daniel 11. It is most illuminating. Furthermore, it appears that Rome got
involved, when the "ships of Kittim" (KJV), "ships of the western
coastlands," (NIV-with note Hebrew- of Kittim) in 11:30. Thus, the "prince
of the covenant" would not be the Mashiach. The Hebrew reads, "begid berit",
LXX, "hGOUMENOS DIAQHKHS." BTW, eventually the Roman , Gnaeus Pompeii
Magnus, took over control of the land in 64 BCE. This brought to the
forefront Antigonus, father of Phasallus and Herod (later known as the
Great). We all know what happened after that.

En Xristwi,

Rev. Bryant J. Williams III
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> Dear Shoshanna,
> >NONE of these verses refer to any "anti-christ" - which is a foreign
> >concept after all, if this were a Christian book, the rabbis would
> >not have included it in our Tanach.
> >
> >
> >Verse 22 refers to the covenant that the Jews made with the Romans -
> >ie; they will also be crushed by them - this does not refer to
> >Mashiach.
> >
> >Verse 21 refers to the Roman Empire, not to an "anti- christ"
> >("contemptible one" = Roman empire)
> >
> >Verse 20:  The Hashmonean Dynasty will succeed Antiochus in
> >Jerusalem, but it will eventually fall as a result of a battle of
> >succession between the two brothers, Aristobulos and Hyrcanus.
> >
> >Verse 23:  By signing a "holy covenant" of friendship (see verses 28,
> >30) with the Hashmoneans, Rome will be able to conquer the countries
> >surrounding the Land of Israel without fear of Hashmonean
> >Intervention.
> >
> >
> >PLEASE don't put foreign doctrine into our scripture, where it does not
> >
> >
> HH: You may not realize this, but Christ is the English form of the
> Greek word Cristos, which means "anointed one" and is the Greek
> equivalent of Messiah (meshiach). The antichrist is the one is who is
> against Christ, or who imitates Christ as a pretender.
> Yours,
> Harold Holmyard
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