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Lisbeth S. Fried lizfried at umich.edu
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Dear John,
Interesting that you should ask, I'm just now sitting here studying these
verses in preparation for a course on the Dead Sea Scrolls.
In Daniel 11, the king of the south is the king of Egypt, Ptolemy I-VI. The
King of the North is the King of the Seleucid Empire, variously Antiochus
I-IV and Seleucus I-II.
Daniel 11:10-19 describes the reign of Antiochus III.
Daniel 11:20 refers to the short reign of Seleucus II, the son of Antiochus
Dan. 11:21 refers to Antiochus IV's usurpation of power from Demetrius, the
son of Seleucus II.
Dan. 11:22, refers to the Prince of the Covenant, that is the reigning High
Priest of the temple in Jerusalem, Onias III. He is probably the last
legitimate High Priest.
The remaining verses refer to the activities of Antiochus IV. 
More information on Antiochus IV is found in the books of Maccabees and in
I don't know what you mean by "anti-Christ" in this context. The year here
is 176 BCE.
It would be interesting to speculate on whether the author of Daniel,
clearly anti-Seleucid, saw Onias III as Messiah or even what that concept
would have meant to him. That is a very intriguing thought. In any case,
Onias III would have been one of those who led the multitude to
righteousness and after his death would shine like the stars forever and
ever (Dan. 12:3). This is also the attitude of the Dead Sea Scroll sect
toward themselves as a priestly caste. They too thought they would become
stars (=angels) after their death.
Best wishes,
Liz Fried

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> Seeing as how I am quite new to this endeavor I would appreciate it if I
am not
> acting according to b-hebrew protocol, that you let me know.
> And so, assuming I am ok, I will go ahead and ask my question.
> Is there any conceivable way that Daniel 11:22 and the last statement
"also prince
> of covenant" could be in reference to Messiah?
> I know the verses before and after are obviously referring to the
antichrist but could
> it be that verse 22 is a nugget so easily overlooked?
> John B. Senterfitt
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