[b-hebrew] Hebrew "If-and" construction and the Book of Mormon

Harold Holmyard hholmyard at ont.com
Thu Aug 24 23:09:37 EDT 2006

Dear Joel,

> Astute observation Harold. I believe it was Mark Twain who commented
> that if "And it came to pass" were removed from the Book of Mormon it
> would be reduced to the Pamphlet of Mormon.

HH: Interesting.

> But I believe the argument of Skousen is that Smith as an illiterate
> farm boy could not have known these things.

HH: But Smith lived in the northeast, where there were a lot of educated 
people. He lived in Vermont, New York, and Pennsylvania. He lived near 
the town of Palmyra, New York.

> Regardless of this
> specific argument that does remain true. Smith produced a 500+ page
> book covering many important theological issues and quite a complex
> narrative when he was in his early 20's in just over 60 days of
> dictation. 

HH: No, it was two-and-a-half years of dictation. The following is worth 


Harold Holmyard


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