[b-hebrew] I need your help

Freedfromevil at aol.com Freedfromevil at aol.com
Thu Aug 24 15:52:00 EDT 2006

I need your help.  Is there anyone there who can translate  this for me?  A 
girl I know has been speaking in Hebrew and she doesn't  even know Hebrew and 
she's been trying to kill herself.  She said something  in her head said to 
type this exactly -
yetzer hara Lauren shabuim
soren holst sh at  teol ku dk
barach atah adonai elohcina melech el  shaddai
Can you please  help.  She is writing on her mirrors in lipstick things in 
Hebrew and on  the floor and dresser.  We do not know what is going on!  All I 
could  do was type the words in as search queries to try and find out what they 
 mean.  Her name is Lauren.  Please help  us.
Thank you so  much.  No, this is not a joke at all.  We are desperate to help 
this  girl.  I was pretty shocked that the second line led me to this email  
Kasia  Coe


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