[b-hebrew] Tetragrammaton

Pawel Sajdek pawel at kul.stalwol.pl
Mon Aug 21 16:36:00 EDT 2006

Shoshanna Walker napisał(a):

>You mean to say - that in 1520, someone who was called Galatinus, 
>decided, that he knew what was not known for thousands of years by 
>the People who were given the Torah by the Creator of the Universe, 
>and everyone (except for the Jews, of course) said - ok, thanks for 
>letting us know???
>Is this for real?
Why not? Don't forget that for Christians the question of how to 
vocalize the Tetragrammaton
was not that crucial. The name Jesus is pronounced in various ways 
depending on the language
and no one tries to standardize it or to evoke the original 
pronunciation. To cut it short, they
might have said 'thanks for letting us know' out of mere indifference.

Pawel Sajdek

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