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You mean to say - that in 1520, someone who was called Galatinus, 
decided, that he knew what was not known for thousands of years by 
the People who were given the Torah by the Creator of the Universe, 
and everyone (except for the Jews, of course) said - ok, thanks for 
letting us know???

Is this for real?


>Dave writes,
>The editors of the Brown-Driver-Briggs Lexicon write:
>The pronunciation Jehovah was unknown until 1520 when it was introduced
>by Galatinus; but it was contested by Le Mercier, J. Drusius, and L.
>Capellus, as against grammatical and historical propriety.
>On page 311 of the article "JEHOVAH (YAHWEH)" in the Encyclopedia
>Britannica of 1911, the editors write:
>The form Jehovah was used in the 16th century by many authors, both
>Catholic and Protestant, and in the 17th was zealously defended by
>Fuller, Gataker [1574-1654], Leusden and others, against the criticisms
>of such scholars as Drusius, Cappellus and the elder Buxtorf.
>I would recommend that you take a look at the Wikipedia Article:Yahweh,
>which covers both the pronunciation "Jehovah" and the pronunciation
>"Yahweh" in considerable detail:
>Check out Section # 2 and section # 2.1 which go into considerable detail
>about the scholarly criticism of the name "Jehovah", which  started as
>early as the first half of the 17th century.
>Sections # 5 through sections # 10 discuss Gesenius's scholarly
>reconstruction YaH:WeH, which he proposed  in the early 19th century,
>after scholars had rejected the legitimacy of the vowel points of
>Dave Donnelly
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>To All:
>I have chosen not to engage the scholars of this website, but have chosen
>to follow the arguments, discussions and helpful sources.
>However, at this time, I would like to pose a question that concerns the
>history of the Tetragrammaton.
>I have studied some things through and wish to list some persons and
>publications without providing the findings, to see what will come about
>I am tracking the pronunciation "Jehovah." In all of this, what was
>started by Drusius and spread by Capella as a historical fact and is
>still very much apart of the scholarly community today?
>Peter Galatin [Petrus Galatinus; Pietro Colonna Galatino]
>Paulus Fagius [Paul Buechelin] (1504-1549)
>Johann Reuchlin [Capito]
>Drusius (Van Der Driesche; Johann Clemens] (155-1616)
>Ludovicus Capellus (Louis Cappel] (1585-1658)
>Cappel' Critica Sacra (1634)
>Botcher 1866
>The Oxford Gesenius (1892-100)
>Buhl (1899)
>James Hastings (1899)
>Joseph B. Rotherham (1902) The Emphasized Bible
>Brown-Driver-Briggs (1906)
>The Jewish Encyclopedia (1907)
>Edward Andrews
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