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Edward Andrews edandrews at adelphia.net
Tue Aug 22 10:18:18 EDT 2006

To All:

I have chosen not to engage the scholars of this website, but have chosen to follow the arguments, discussions and helpful sources. However, at this time, I would like to pose a question that concerns the history of the Tetragrammaton. I have studied some things through and wish to list some persons and publications without providing the findings, to see what will come about naturally. I am tracking the pronunciation "Jehovah." In all of this, what was started by Drusius and spread by Capella as a historical fact and is still very much apart of the scholarly community today?

Peter Galatin [Petrus Galatinus; Pietro Colonna Galatino]

Paulus Fagius [Paul Buechelin] (1504-1549)

Johann Reuchlin [Capito]

Drusius (Van Der Driesche; Johann Clemens] (155-1616)

Ludovicus Capellus (Louis Cappel] (1585-1658)

Cappel' Critica Sacra (1634)

Botcher 1866

The Oxford Gesenius (1892-100)

Buhl (1899)

James Hastings (1899)

Joseph B. Rotherham (1902) The Emphasized Bible

Brown-Driver-Briggs (1906)

The Jewish Encyclopedia (1907)

Edward Andrews

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