[b-hebrew] Jonah 4:11

Pawel Sajdek pawel at kul.stalwol.pl
Sun Aug 20 07:27:33 EDT 2006

Norman Wood napisał(a):

>Hi ,
>I wondered if someone could explain how the number 120,000 works in Jonah 4:11, I see MShTM- 'SRH  RB,
>but neither Weingreen nor, the basics of biblical Hebrew seem to cover this size of number
>So  I think the part I can' t understand is the MiShTeM at the start .
>Best Wishes
>Norman Wood
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To the best of my belief the root is ShTM (two) with the preposition min 
So we have twelve times 10000 (ribbo) make a hundred and twenty thousand.
Is that right?

Best Wishes,
Pawel S., Poland

Pawel Sajdek

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