[b-hebrew] Hebrew "If-and" construction and the Book of Mormon

Steve Miller smille10 at sbcglobal.net
Fri Aug 18 22:13:13 EDT 2006

I examined all the occurrances of )M in Gen.,

1) LXX does not translate if-vav as if-and. The only place it did was Gen
34:16, by ending the sentence at the end of v 15.

2) These are the if-and's in Hebrew in Gen.:
Genesis 13:9; 14:23; 18:26; 24:8,38,41; 28:20-21; 31:8; 32:8; 33:10; 38:9;
43:9; 44:26,32; 47:6
All these, seem to me, to be cases of tit-for-tat, if <you do this>, <I also
will do that>. A weaker cause-effect. 
None of them have an imperative for the unconditional clause, which would by
necessity be a strong cause-effect. Likewise none have God as the subject of
the conditional clause, like the quotes from BoM, which are cause-effect as
strong as you can get.

3) These are the if-s not followed by and, which have an if <conditional>
<unconditional> structure.  Some of these are strong cause-effect, some have
imperatives for the unconditional clause, some have God as the subject of
the conditional., some are natural laws:
4:7; 18:3,21; 20:7; 23:8,13; 24:49; 25:22; 27:46; 30:1,31; 31:50; 42:16,19;
43:4,11; 44:23; 47:29; 50:4
I did not list those which are not if <conditional> <unconditional>
structure: KY )M, or have the unconditional phrase before the conditional.
There are 76 )M occurrances in Gen.

-Steve Miller

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> Hello Steve, I assume you have the means to search these things with some
> type of LXX software. Could you tell me if there are any other examples of
> this phenomenon where it is translatedl literally as "and' in the English
> LXX. Also, does it exist in Thompson's LXX (Gen 34:16) as it does in
> Brenton's? I wasn't able to find an online version of Thompson.
> Thanks in advance,
> Kevin

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