[b-hebrew] Genesis 3:5 - and ye shall be as gods

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For one the LXX reads "KAI ESESQE hWS QEOI."   Which supports the plural rendering of elohim.

But it seems to me that since yd` is a plural participle, that it is modifying elohim and therefore the angels are in view.
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> Hi Folks, 
> Genesis 3:5 (KJB) 
> For God doth know that in the day ye eat thereof, 
> then your eyes shall be opened, 
> and ye shall be as gods, 
> knowing good and evil. 
> Surprisingly we apparently have not discussed this verse. 
> Many translations have the second Elohim as "God", singular, although 
> much traditional Jewish exegesis (Targumim, Ibn Ezra, perhaps Rashi) supports 
> the plural non-Deity usage of elohim, which was followed by Geneva and the 
> King James Bible. Also many Jewish Bibles today (e.g. Soncino, JPS) as well 
> as Fox. (I am especially curious about notes in ArtScroll and Living Torah, 
> and moderately interested in others, like Alter's translation here). 
> Do you see anything special in the Hebrew that leans toward one 
> translation or another ? Granted there are a lot of various doctrinal 
> aspects that could be offered, I don't mind hearing those either :-) 
> Any thoughts ? 
> Thanks. 
> Shalom, 
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