[b-hebrew] Septuagintal influence on Masoretic Hebrew text

Eric Weiss papaweiss1 at yahoo.com
Sun Aug 13 19:59:35 EDT 2006

Peter Kirk wrote:

> When was this book published? I suppose before the DSS 
> were discovered this could not be disproved. But the 
> discovery of the DSS has proved that the MT, at least 
> its consonants, dates from before the Christian era, 
> with only rather minor changes since then e.g. in the 
> Isaiah scroll. The suggestion that MT is "medieval" is 
> thereby completely disproved. 

FYI (I wanted some unbiased responses first, before indicating the book I 
read this in), the book(s) I'm quoting from are:

ISBN 0944359175 The Holy Gospels (p. 582)
ISBN 0944359183 Acts, Epistles and Revelation (not sure what page, but the 
comments about the Masoretic Text are the same, as I recall)
December 2000
Publishe by Holy Apostles Convent

It's published by an Orthodox monastic group and contains many endnotes re: 
Early Church Fathers' comments on various passages. I haven't really read the 
NT mss. comments, but I felt the comments about the Masoretic Text were 
quite odd, hence my post/query here. Since the LXX is the canonical Old 
Testament for the Orthodox Church, I suspected a Greek/Septuagintal bias, but 
these comments went beyond any criticisms of the Hebrew text I had ever read, 
asserting things that just didn't match what I'd learned about the transmission of 
the Hebrew text.

Thanks for your responses and any others you might post.

Eric S. Weiss

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