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Thanks very much. I found your answer to be enlightening. I'd like to see
more people answer in the way you did: objectively laying out the facts and
the problems in a passage.

-Steve Miller
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> First of all I want to say that I personally have no specific
> religious interpretation of these very controversial verses so I don't
> really have any agenda I am pushing here.
> It seems to me the most plain rendering of what is intended is:
> Daniel asks until when is the vision of:
> 1. [the lack of] daily sacrifice
> 2. Giving of an abomination of desolation [in place of the sacrifice]
> 3. [The defilement of] the sanctuary
> 4. The trodding down army or host
> He is answered 2300 "evening mornings" and then the sanctuary is cleansed.
> The grammar is problematic with the KJV rendering which most
> translations seem to follow. Why the vav before QDW$ in 13 (translated
> as 'both' in KJV)? No direct object marker either. This is why I put
> TT with the preceding words. I looked for any concurring translations
> on this and found NAB had done the same. Seems to make the most sense
> to me.
> I kind of like what NAB did on verse 12 as well. It strengthens the
> association of the NTN verb with P$).
> I am certainly willing to hear other ideas. Especially if someone can
> point to similar constructions of a compound direct object sans marker
> with both preceded with a vav in the sense of both ... and ...
> Joel Stucki

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