[b-hebrew] ehyeh in Ex. 3.14 and the LXX translation

Harold Holmyard hholmyard at ont.com
Wed Aug 9 15:54:23 EDT 2006

Mitch Larramore wrote:

>Is ehyeh in the Hebrew in a predicate position (as
>in... I am ehyeh)? The LXX translate this EGW EIMI hO
>WN (where the name appears to be hO WN, not EGW EIMI),
>but I think I was told that the Hebrew expression here
>for the name of YHWH is not in a predicate position.
>Can somebody please school me on the grammar here? Why
>did the LXX translators use a predicate construct?
>(Also, it would seem to me that the LXX translators
>would have used hO WN with reference to YHWH when they
>translated Isaiah, but you find EGW EIMI.) Any help
>would be appreciated.

HH: There is not really a predicate position in Hebrew, other than a 
word being on the far side of a copulative verb. Predicate position is a 
point of Greek grammar. Ehyeh is a subject and verb combination itself.

Harold Holmyard

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