[b-hebrew] theophoric prefixes (YH~YHW)

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Wed Aug 9 03:00:43 EDT 2006

 The epigraphic evidence, while limited, does show that at least for 
suffixes the preference in Israel was YW (such as the in the Samaria Ostraca 
names GDYW and $MRYW), while the preference in pre-exilic Judah was YHW. 
This probably has to do with the same diphtong contraction shown in other 
words in Israelean inscriptions, such as YN for "wine" instead of YYN. 
 Judah prefered YH.
The forms given in the Bible are no proof of anything, since the Bible is 
Judahite, and even the "pre-exilic" books were as least heavily edited in 
the post-exilic period.

 All this was noted by Tur-Sinai decades ago, when he published the Lachish 
ostraca found in the 1930's.

 Yigal Levin

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>>> I have read (the source escapes me at present) that the "hu" suffix was 
>>> used
>>> only in the Northern Kingdom, and not the south. Can anyone address 
>>> whether
>>> that may be true? Was it a dialect issue?
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>> The name Isaiah kind of throws this off. He was a southerner with no
>> apparent ties to the northern kingdom and his name appears alternately
>> as Yeshayahu and Yeshayah. Hezekiah's name does the same. Seems like
>> one might be a more formal name but that's just a guess.
>> Joel Stucki
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