[b-hebrew] theophoric prefixes (YH~YHW)

Alexander Oldernes alexander at oldernes.no
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The name Elihu is a good example of how the "-yahu" appeared.

At several occasions God expressed himself as ")aniy hu)" - "I Himself" 
(f.ex. Deu. 32:39).
The Hebrews integrated this expression into their names, and then names like 
")eliyhu)" appeared - "my God [is] He" (1. Sam. 1:1).
Later, the last letter (the mute aleph) fell off, so it changed into 
")eliyhu" (1. Chr. 26:7).

At the same time there were also names like ")eliyyah" - "my God [is] Yah" 
(2. Kings 1:3).
"Yah" and "hu)" were then linked to obtain new names like ")eliyyahu" - "my 
God [is] Yah Himself" (1. Kings 17:1), [that is: ")eliy-yah-hu)"].

Alexander Oldernes

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> If you are interested in the subject, I would strongly recommend you to 
> get
> professor Gertoux's book:
> "The Name of God Y.eH.oW.aH Which Is Pronounced As It Is Written 
> I_Eh_Ou_Ah:
> Its Story"
> You can get it on Amazon, just search for "Gertoux". Mr. Gertoux is a
> specialist on the Tetragrammaton.
> The book is available in English, French, Danish and Italian.
> Alexander Oldernes
> Norway
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>> On 8/5/06, Alexander Oldernes <alexander at oldernes.no> wrote:
>>> "Yahu" is "Yah" + "hu"
>>> Eliyah means "my God is Yah", while Eliyahu means "my God is Yah
>>> himself".
>>> YH may be the first and the last letter of YHWH - then it would prove an
>>> 'a'
>>> in the last syllable.
>>> That make sense because when the three first letters are used in
>>> theophoric
>>> names, they are written "Yeho".
>>> Alexander Oldernes
>>> Norway
>> This is an interesting assertion. I have never heard this position
>> before. Is this your original idea Alexander or do others hold it as
>> well? Can you point me to any papers or books that explore this idea?
>> Joel Stucki
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