[b-hebrew] theophoric prefixes (YH~YHW)

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You shouldn't take umbrage to what David said. You yourself admit that
wikipedia is an uncertain source, and that's all David intimated. Or
at least that's how I read his statement.

Even if all the experts agreed (in this case, they don't, because this
controversy exists), that does not mean they are correct.

What I have against wikipedia is that they go with the academic
majority du jour and deride and attack minority positions on
controversial subjects. Those are not the actions of a scholarly
and/or accurate reportage, rather a demonstration of biased
partisanship, an action which automatically makes wikipedia entries on
controversial subjects suspect, even when they might be right.

Karl W. Randolph.

On 8/6/06, Peter Kirk <peter at qaya.org> wrote:
> On 06/08/2006 21:13, David P Donnelly wrote:
> > http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yahweh
> > The link above takes you to the Wikipedia Article:Yahweh.
> > Section 10 of this article is titled: "Yahweh and Theophoric names".
> > Three excerpts from scholarly sources are found in this section that
> > C-L-A-I-M that the prefixes Yeho or Yo and the suffixes Yah or Yahu can
> > readily be explained if the original pronunciation was "YaHWeH".
> > Of course it is possible that these three scholarly sources could be
> > mistaken in what they claim.
> > Dave Donnelly
> >
> >
> Dave, in Wikipedia you might find a quote from three "scholarly sources"
> which C-L-A-I-M that the world is round. "Of course it is possible that
> these three scholarly sources could be mistaken in what they claim." But
> I don't think you would be justified in writing this kind of message
> trying to discredit these sources, unless of course you had some
> evidence that they might be mistaken.
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