[b-hebrew] theophoric prefixes (YH~YHW)

David P Donnelly davedonnelly1 at juno.com
Sun Aug 6 16:13:21 EDT 2006

The link above takes you to the Wikipedia Article:Yahweh.
Section 10 of this article is titled: “Yahweh and Theophoric names”.
Three excerpts from scholarly sources are found in this section that
C-L-A-I-M that the prefixes Yeho or Yo and the suffixes Yah or Yahu can
readily be explained if the original pronunciation was “YaHWeH”. 
Of course it is possible that these three scholarly sources could be
mistaken in what they claim.
Dave Donnelly 

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The question that I have is this. If all of the Biblical names with a
theophoric element incorporated, have Yah or Yahu as the suffix, and Yeho
or the truncated form of Yo as a prefix, then how does Yahweh fit into
this pattern? 

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