[b-hebrew] theophoric prefixes (YH~YHW)

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In an article titled “The Pronunciation of the Name”,
Nehemia Gordon wrote:
“The Samaritans called it IABE while the Jews AIA”
The form AIA (pronounced A-Yah) indicates that the Jews called God 
by the abbreviated form of His name YFH. Yah 
which appears numerous times throughout Scripture.
The form Yah follows an ancient practice of taking the first and last
letter of a word 
to express its abbreviation.
So the first and last letters of YHVH produce the abbreviation Yah.
Nehemia Gordon goes on to explain his belief that the first “A” in “AIA”
is a Prosthetic Aleph.
Dave Donnelly 

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> the standalone Yah and the suffixed Yahu seems to
> conclusively prove and original 'a' in the first 
> syllable. 

"Yahu" is "Yah" + "hu" 
Eliyah means "my God is Yah", while Eliyahu means "my God is Yah
YH may be the first and the last letter of YHWH - then it would prove an
in the last syllable. 
That make sense because when the three first letters are used in
names, they are written "Yeho". 
Alexander Oldernes 

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