[b-hebrew] psalm 22:9 and 15 as heap

kenneth greifer greifer at hotmail.com
Fri Aug 4 11:16:45 EDT 2006

Dear Yitzhak,

The word mem ayin yud is defined in some dictionaries as a heap of ruins, 
but it is only used in Isaiah 17:1. Maybe in that quote it says about 
Damascus that "it will be from a heap a ruin" or "from a ruinous heap" if 
the word heap is ayin yud ?

I hate when dictionaries give definitions for words that are only used once 
and no one knows what they really mean. I wish they would at least put a 
question mark next to it.
My dictionary is called "the compendious Hebrew-English dictionary" by 
Reuben Grossman and H. Sachs and edited and revised by M.H. Segal by Dvir 
Publishing 1956. If I am wrong about this word, I should at least get to 
blame them.

Kenneth Greifer

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