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David Kummerow farmerjoeblo at hotmail.com
Thu Aug 3 18:00:08 EDT 2006

His volume of collected essays---Topics in Hebrew and Semitic 
Linguistics---is worthwhile having, depending on what you do.

His grammar is good to have if you like having grammars around, but 
since he has a new one coming, it seems, I'd probably wait and have a 
look at that.

Other worthwhile works, although not all dealing with things Arabic, are:

Blau, Joshua. 1954. “Zum angeblichen Gebrauch von את vor dem Nominativ.” 
Vetus Testamentum 4: 7-19.
Blau, Joshua. 1956. “Gibt es ein emphatisches ’et im Bibelhebraeisch.” 
Vetus Testamentum 6: 211-212.
Blau, Joshua. 1957. “Über die t-Form des hif‘il im Bibelhebräisch.” 
Vetus Testamentum 7: 385-388.
Blau, Joshua. 1997. “וסעיפיה המקרא עברית השתלשלות על ערביסטן של הרהוריו 
[The Structure of Biblical and Dead Sea Scrolls Hebrew in Light of 
Arabic Diglossia and Middle Arabic].” Lĕšonénu 60: 21-32.
Blau, Joshua. 2006. “Problems of Noun Inflection in Arabic: Reflections 
on the Diptote Declension.” Pages 27-31 in Biblical Hebrew in Its 
Northwest Semitic Setting: Typological and Historical Perspectives. 
Edited by Steven E. Fassberg and Avi Hurvitz. Jerusalem: Magnes.

David Kummerow.

> Hi all,
> I have seen some interesting sounding titles by Joshua Blau - but they all seem a bit hard to find and slightly pricey.  In addition most are listed by booksellers in Israel - and I am not proficient in modern Hebrew!
> I have been studying the relationship of Hebrew to Arabic and Aramaic - particularly in terms of common derivation from an original protosemitic language or group of dialects.  I have Gesenius, Jouon/Muraoka, Waltke, vander Merwe, Berstrasser, and Kaltner (Beyond Babel) among others.  
> Would anyone here recommend anything by Blau?
> Additionally are there any other recommended semitics books?  Moscati perhaps?
> Thanks to all.
> Charles Meadows
> Marshall University

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