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Dear Charles,

Eisenbrauns is shortly coming out with a grammar of Hebrew by Joshua Blau in the Linguistic Studies in Ancient West Semitic series, unders the editorship of M. O'Connor. It is a translation/revision/updating of a Modern Hebrew version that Blau has been developing and using for years. I have only seen a portion of the manuscript, but my understanding is that he makes reference fairly frequently to comparative data, especially Arabic. Thus, this book will be easily available and reasonably priced.

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> Hi all,
> I have seen some interesting sounding titles by Joshua Blau - but they all seem a bit hard to find and slightly pricey.  In addition most are listed by booksellers in Israel - and I am not proficient in modern Hebrew!
> I have been studying the relationship of Hebrew to Arabic and Aramaic - particularly in terms of common derivation from an original protosemitic language or group of dialects.  I have Gesenius, Jouon/Muraoka, Waltke, vander Merwe, Berstrasser, and Kaltner (Beyond Babel) among others.  
> Would anyone here recommend anything by Blau?
> Additionally are there any other recommended semitics books?  Moscati perhaps?
> Thanks to all.
> Charles Meadows
> Marshall University

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