[b-hebrew] Isaiah 14:4

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Dear Karl,

The only word in the verse that is a hapax in Hebrew is the last - madhebah. 
Indeed, "dahab" is "gold" in Aramaic (cognate of Hebrew "zahab"), and even 
KJV translates it as "the golden city" - I would imagine following older 
traditions, but I have not checked. The translation makes sense in context, 
but so do other possible interpretations.


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> Dear B-Hebrew haburim:
> While reading through Isaiah 14, I question if the
> last five words in verse 4 are Aramaic? Do they
> make sense as Aramaic?
> The dictionaries I consulted carry only those
> Aramaic terms that are found in the recognized
> Aramaic sections of Tanakh. Four of the terms are
> not found in those sections. The last term is
> happax legomenon in Hebrew where neither the
> context nor a possible root are a clear help to
> decipher a possible meaning. However in Aramaic it
> looks as if it means "gilded".
> )YK same as Hebrew?
> $BT to take captive, to stop?
> NG# a harsh one? harsh actions?
> $BTH same as $BT above?
> MDHBH gilded one?
> Any thoughts?
> Karl W. Randolph.
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