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That's exactly what it means: "bless". In Hebrew, like in English, the word 
"bless" has a number of different connotations. When God blesses someone, he 
makes things better. When a human blesses, he calls on God to make things 
better. When a human blesses God, he actually praises and thanks Him. And 
"bless" is also occasionally used as a euphemism for "curse".

The noun "berekh" also means "knee", which can be given a verb-form "to 
kneel". I have heard it assumed that there is a connection, that is, a 
person bends his "berekh" when "barekh"ing God, but that's probably popular 
folk etymology.

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> What is the literal translation of the hebrew word (brki?) translated in 
> the English Bible as Bless? (eg. Ps 103:1)
> Thanks.
>  Sujata
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