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Gentle Hebraiste:
  Please note the articles mentioned, are they on this page?
  Marc Bauer

Yitzhak Sapir <yitzhaksapir at gmail.com> wrote:
  On 4/21/06, Ian Young wrote:
> Hi,
> Two questions relating to the relative pronoun ASHER.
> 1. At the 2004 SBL in San Antonio I atttended an excellent paper by
> Robert (I think) Holmstedt on the topic. Can anyone telll me if
> Holmstedt has published anything on this topic?

Dear Ian Young,

Robert Holmstedt's cv is at:

This lists the following presentation:
2004. "The Diachronics of אשר." Paper presented at the Annual meeting of SBL.
San Antonio, Nov. 21.

Also, his 2002 M.A. dissertation is:
"The Relative Clause in Biblical Hebrew: A Linguistic Analysis."
It can be accessed at:

Also, note the following comments from the list archives:
Ken Penner wrote:
> ... I thought I'd mention Robert Holmstedt's paper at SBL San
> Antonio on the diachronics of אֲשֶר )$R. He did discuss the
> usage of אֲשֶר )$R vis-à -vis שְ $ in Late Biblical Hebrew, but
> I'm not sure I recall his conclusions exactly. I do have a note
> that Huehnergard had a forthcoming article "On the Etymology
> of the Hebrew Relative שְ $."

I guess that article is now published in:
"Biblical Hebrew in Its Northwest Semitic Setting: Typological and
Historical Perspectives" ed. Steven E. Fassberg and Avi Hurvitz

The program contents are at:

Yitzhak Sapir
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