[b-hebrew] Relative Pronoun ASHER

Ken Penner ken.penner at acadiau.ca
Fri Apr 21 12:23:48 EDT 2006

Hi Ian,

P$RW )$R is functioning as a conjunction, like KY or Aramaic DY or Greek hOTI. See BDB under 8a. 

"Its interpretation is that they divide their yoke"
"The interpretation of the word is that God will not consume his people"
Perhaps Isa 38:7 is comparable (note the parallel using KY in 2Kings 20:19): ZH-LK H)WT M)T YHWH )$R Y(&H...
Maybe Eccl 7:18: +WB )$R T)XZ BZH

Like hOTI, )$R can also be recitative. 
Its interpretation: "they divide they yoke..."

Ken Penner
Dead Sea Scrolls scholars' list owner g-megillot at mcmaster.ca

> 2.  Some of the formulae used in the Qumran Pesher Habakkuk use ASHER.
> There is:
> PISHRO ASHER e.g. in VI:6 "It's interpretation ASHER they 
> divide their yoke..."
> PESHER HADABAR ASHER e.g. in V:3 "The interpretation of the 
> word/thing ASHER God will not consume his people..."
> How do people see the use of ASHER in these cases?  I'm just 
> finding it hard to get a handle on how it is being used.  Any 
> biblical analogies you can think of?

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