[b-hebrew] Genesis 1:2 - And the earth was without form,

Steve Miller smille10 at sbcglobal.net
Wed Apr 19 22:36:23 EDT 2006

> From: Bill Rea Sent: Tuesday, April 18, 2006 10:19 PM
> Steve Miller wrote:-
> >All the radioactive dating methods assume a constant rate of radiation
> >into the earth's atmosphere, which is a false and unreasonable assumption
> Nonsense. They assume no such thing. Radioactive dating methods are
> calibrated with things of known age. One of the reasons its so hard
> to date the arrival of Maori in New Zealand is that their arrival
> occured at one of the periods where the amount of C14 increases
> with increasing age. Its right there in the calibration curves.
> There is no silly assumption of constant C14 formation rate.
> It would be helpful if people who know diddly-squat about science
> would confine themselves to Hebrew on this list. After all, that's
> why we founded this list back in `92.

[Steve Miller] Ok, Bill. Thanks for the correction. So C14 dating no longer
assumes a "silly" constant C14 formation rate as it did when I learned about
it in High School. Now the previous assumption that C14 formation rate is
constant is now regarded as "silly". And now the new assumption is that we
can extrapolate a curve which is accurate for the last 2,500 years to know
what the c14 formation rate was 1,000's of years before that. That is just
as "silly" considering that the atmosphere of the earth changed after Noah's
flood. I think C14 dating is accurate up until Noah's flood, but not before
-Steve Miller

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