[b-hebrew] The Explicative use of wayyiqtol

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there have been many and in depth discussions on the sequential nature of

WAYYIQTOL.  The following is the quote from the archive of this list 
written by

Prof. Niccacci:



 The information conveyed by this wayyiqtol is USUALLY 
CHRONOLOGICALLY sequential (or successive) to that of the 
wayyiqtol; however, there are cases of explicative wayyiqtol as 
well as of
resumptive wayyiqtol. This fact does not contradict the claim 
wayyiqtol is sequential; it only qualifies it.


I would accept the above explanation about the "resumptive" wayyitol, 

the resumption starts a new sequence. Though not explicitly mentioned 

I would accept the "summarizing" use of wayyiqtol, because the 

is a sort of conclusion which is a sort of logical entailment, which involves 

a kind of sequence. 


But, it is beyond my imagination how the explicative use of wayyiqtol 

only qualifies the sequential nature of wayyiqtol. For example

consider Num 1:47-54.


 The families of the tribe of Levi, however, were not counted (X + QATAL 
) along with the others.
 48 The LORD had said to Moses 
 49-53 "You must not count the tribe of Levi or include 
them in the census of the other Israelites. ......."

 54 The Israelites did  (WAYYIQTOL) all this just as the LORD 
commanded Moses.

Verse 54 is an example of summarizing use of wayyiqtol, which summarizes

all things mentioned  in the chapter 1 before that verse. So, verse 54 
is not a part of

a sequence started by WAYYIQTOL of verse 48. So, we have here a 

single WAYYIQTOL. A stand-alone single WAYYIQTOL cannot form a 

which requires at least two WAYYITOLs.


Can anyone explain this passage within the framework that WAYYIQTOL 

sequential in a "broad sense" or a "qualified sense" to use Niccacci's 


Moon-Ryul Jung

Sogang Univ,

Seoul, Korea


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