[b-hebrew] Genesis 1:2 - And the earth was without form, and void

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> It is a well known logical fallacy to argue that something is 
> universally true on the basis of a rather small number of examples 

These are all the examples that we have.

It is a greater logical fallacy to contradict the 
examples we have without citing other examples to 
back up our contradiction.

> of it being true, taken in this case from a limited corpus - even 
> supposing it is true of every case in the corpus. Besides, this is 
> poetic or semi-poetic language in which the meaning of words can 
> always be stretched beyond their regular dictionary definitions.
Genesis 1 is prose, not poetic, not even semi-
poetic. It's as if God anticipated this argument 
and made sure to write prose.

> Anyway, how about Zechariah 14:7, where the yom exad, is clearly 
> the same yom as in v.6 and v.8 where the "day" embraces summer and 
> winter and so is more than 24 hours long. And what about 2 
> Chronicles 21:19, where yamim shenayim is often understood as "two 
> years".
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Zechariah 14:7 does not contradict what I claimed 
before. Remember, a 24 hour day is measured by the 
fact that there is a night and a day, but here 
there is no night to bring on the next day.

As for 2 Chronicles 21:19, two years is the number 
that modifies days as it is normally read, a 
reading that does not contradict what I earlier 
claimed. Or another reading is that the final two 
days of his illness Jehoram's guts spilled out in a 
horrible death. The second reading is what I think 
is the more accurate one.

Karl W. Randolph.

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