[b-hebrew] Genesis 1:2 - And the earth was without form, and void

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You're right, God did not create the world 
"formless and void", rather it was lifeless and 
still. The rest of the steps of creation were 
adding movement and life to the world.

Where do you get the idea that it was chaotic? 
That's not in the Hebrew.

THW does not mean formless. E.g. 1 Samuel 12:21 
idols, which were physical statues, were not 
formless, but they certainly were lifeless. Again, 
Isaiah 24:10 talks about a lifeless city where no 
one enters. Further Isaiah 44:9 refers to lifeless 
statues worshiped as Gods. All of these have form, 
they just lack life.

Karl W. Randolph.

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> > The original condition is described as, "The earth was without 
> > form and void (empty or whatever), and darkness was upon the face 
> > of the deep" - there being no English equivalent for the word 
> > that is translated as "deep". However, chosek (as I vaguely 
> > remember the word) was upon the face of whatever it was.
> >
> Whoever translated the Hebrew text to the Septuagint translated to read,
> "invisible and unfurnished."  And I would have added "chaotic."  But would God
> have created something formless and void.  He says to Isaiah (45:18) that He
> didn't create the earth in formless and void condition.
> Doug
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