[b-hebrew] Genesis 1:2 - And the earth was without form, and void

Harold Holmyard hholmyard at ont.com
Thu Apr 13 22:23:51 EDT 2006

Dear Doug,

>> HH: Jeremiah 4:23-26 is figurative language and imagery associated 
>> with the destruction of Israel in 587 B.C. It may report a vision 
>> Jeremiah saw that portrayed that destruction. "Yowm" does not really 
>> mean age or aeon. With a preposition it can have the idea of "when" 
>> or "at the time." Psalm 18 is figurative language about a divine 
>> deliverance of David by God. The Bible sometimes uses figurative 
>> language about the heavens to describe important events on earth. We 
>> might talk of earthshaking events. The Israelites could think of 
>> heaven-shaking events. I realize that this can sometimes be literal, 
>> but other times it seems more figurative.
>> I don't believe that Genesis 1 describes a renewing of the face of 
>> creation but rather it depicts the original creation.
> Yes, one could say that God was using figurative language.  That would 
> explain away a lot of questions, but, Harold, it doesn't satisfy my 
> questions.  If it does it for you then you're quenching your thirst.

HH: Is it good or bad to quench one's thirst?

Harold Holmyard

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