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Karl Randolph kwrandolph at email.com
Thu Apr 13 16:06:39 EDT 2006

Dear B-Hebrew Haburim:

Are there any explanations of all the different 
ornamentations listed in Isaiah 3:18-23? Or are we 
just guessing?

I am looking at TP)RT = ornamentation,
LX$IM = amulet (from the idea of whispering a spell 
over it to give it supposed powers)
(KS = ankle chains, can be used both for 
ornamentation or leg fetters
R(LH = either loose fitting, flowing garment, a 
luxury in a day when cloth was hand made, or 
possibly a long veil
$YRH = decorative chain, such as to hold a cloak on
BYT HNP$ = a box shaped amulet, possibly to contain 
some "magical" object
C(DH = ? some sort of ornament that makes noise or 
otherwise advertises itself while walking?
Q$R = another sort of amulet? Hanging bangle that 
is tied on?
$BYS = headband?
#HNYM = moon shaped ornaments?
N+PWT = drop shaped pendents?
MXLCWT = clothing for special occasions, "Sunday 
best" as it were, stripped off for daily work?
M(+PH = something draped on, a stole?
M+PXH = mantle?
XRY+ = tooled leather purse?
GLYWN = mirror? diaphanous clothing?
MQ$H = fancy hairdo? vs. 24

Some of the words we are pretty certain as to their 
+B(WT = seal rings, to give an impression to seal a 
NZMY H)P = nose rings
SDYN = undergarment
CNYP = turban
RDYD = shawl as worn by women

Any clues from cognate languages? Some of these 
words are happax legomai.

Karl W. Randolph.

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