[b-hebrew] OT key term lists

Lorinda Hoover and Jim Mossman hoovmoss at iowatelecom.net
Wed Apr 12 15:16:38 EDT 2006

>> That is not just for theological or biblical studies, but for a good tool
>> for translating or checking important key terms consistently in the OT.
>> (For example, I would like to check the use of "sin(s), inequity,
>> transgression(s)" in Wisdom Literature and Psalms (in BH) in order to check
>> out whether those terms are translated consistently or appropriately. And
>> other key terms like those, too. )

Another way to do this is with a Bible software program that has tagged
original language texts or keyed English texts.  In Accordance (a program
for Mac), you could select a particular Greek or Hebrew word and search the
tagged Greek and Hebrew texts, or you could use an English text that has
what Accordance calls a "Key numbering system"- either Strong's numbers
(available for KJV and NASB) or G/K numbers (Available for NIV)-the latter
is used by NIDOTTE if I remember correctly.  You could set whatever range
you want, and easily see every verse where a particular word is used and how
it has been translated.  (By adding a column with another translation, you
could even check how it has been translated in versions that don't have key
numbers).  The same thing can be done with certain Bible software programs
for Windows as well.


Lorinda H. M. Hoover
UMC Pastor and Stay-at-home mom

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