[b-hebrew] OT key term lists

Jae-Hee Shin jae-hee_shin at sil.org
Tue Apr 11 01:27:24 EDT 2006

Dear George,

I have TWOT and NIDOTTE with me. It seems to me that TWOT is not really
helpful, but
at the moment NIDOTTE would be the most useful in checking OT key terms.
NIDOTTE has whole lot of subject index and index of sematic fields, etc.
But what I am looking for is now like KTBH(Key Terms in Biblical Hebrew),
That is not just for theological or biblical studies, but for a good tool
for translating or checking important key terms consistently in the OT.
(For example, I would like to check the use of "sin(s), inequity,
transgression(s)" in Wisdom Literature and Psalms (in BH) in order to check
out whether those terms are translated consistently or appropriately. And
other key terms like those, too. )
So it may be primarily according to Biblical Hebrew, but not disregarding
theologically important terms.
I have also TW CD which has 'cheklists of key biblical terms in the NT (RSV
This is the one I am looking for right away (I mean in the OT), but at the
same time more
serious studies like KTBH.
Here I have one more question, i.e., what is major differences between
NIDOTTE and KTBH project?
When would the KTBH be available to translators?


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> Jae-Hee,
> What exactly did you mean by 'OT key terms'? Is it to do with Hebrew
> language, biblical literature, theology...? If you could define what you
> mean you might be better served by our community.
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> Dear List Members,
> Is it possible for somebody to send me OT key term lists?
> It might be really of help to our team at presnt.
> Because we need to check the consistency of the use of OT key terms on our
> BT team.
> But I could not find out them on the TW CD.
> Or would anyone let me know where I could find out OT key term lists on
> website?
> Many thanks,
> Jae-Hee Shin

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