[b-hebrew] Striped leopard? was: Flying or Darting in Isaiah 14:29 and 30:6

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Mon Apr 10 21:42:34 EDT 2006


Quite frankly, I have not checked what the other 
dictionaries say about XBRBRH. That it is from 
the same root as XBRH using a regular derivation 
pattern indicates that it is unlikely to have a 
significantly different meaning, as "spot" would 

The usual word for "spot" is NQDH, though BRD is 
also used for speckled.

I have found that some dictionaries follow old 
translations rather than admit that the older 
translation may have been wrong. Especially if 
the older translation has become somewhat hallowed 
by ancient practice, as the KJV.

Karl W. Randolph.

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> From: "Peter Kirk" <peter at qaya.org>
> But are the lexica unanimous that XBRBRH in this verse means 
> "stripes" rather than "spots"? I think not. Translations are 
> certainly not unanimous, for several, including KJV, have "Can... 
> the leopard change its spots?" or similar. This is another word 
> which appears only once in the Hebrew Bible.
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