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Thanks for this information, both on the passage and on Bibleworks 7.  I
might point out one other oddity that I hadn't noticed before.
Jouon-Muraoka in that same section (61i, p. 1:173) lists the occurrence
in Isa 55:5 as 2ms, but lists the exact same word in the same position
in Isa 60:9 as 2fs.


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The Westminster 4.0 DB in both BW7 and the latest Logos read the 
suffix as masculine, which certainly is most consistent with the 
other suffixes and verbal forms in the verse.

On the comparison between BW7 and Logos, you might be interested in 
my review of BW6 and Logos at 
http://www.cyber-chapel.org/reviews/LibBwkDec2004.pdf . (The earlier 
review referenced there is available at 
http://www.cyber-chapel.org/reviews/Baseline.pdf .) Logos is the 
clear leader in digital library functionality (replacing a shelf of 
books about the Bible with a computer), but for linguistic work in 
the biblical text itself, BibleWorks is far preferable. BW7 only 
improves over the excellent analytical capabilities of BW6. In 
addition, in terms of the ability to map lexical forms between LXX 
and MT, its new implementation of the Tov interlinear LXX/MT is by 
far the best currently on the market (next is Accordance, and third 
is the recently released version for Logos).

Van Parunak

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