[b-hebrew] Yahoshua/Yehoshua

Baruj Diez barujdiez at yahoo.es
Tue Apr 4 18:58:38 EDT 2006

I  want to thank Herman and Thomas for their replies. I
was  reading  a  book  where  the  author says that the
original  name  was  "Yahoshua" and then the rabbinical
tradition  changed it to "Yehoshua." I have searched my
dictionaries,  but  I  have  not  been able to find any
reference  to "Yahoshua." I have found a similar remark
on the Net:

      (The   so-called   “Sacred  Name”  movement  that
      purports  that  the “true name” of the Messiah is
      “YAHushua”   or   “YAHoshua”   (or  some  variant
      thereof)  is  founded  on  faulty linguistics and
      esoteric  doctrine.  These  people think that the
      sacred  Name  (YHVH)  is best rendered as YAHWEH,
      and  suppose that since Jesus said He came in His
      Father’s  Name  (John  5:34),  YAH  must  somehow
      appear  in  the  spelling  of this name. Hence we
      have   YAHshua,   or   YAHoshua,  or  some  other
      spelling.  This interpoloation of the phoneme YAH
      comes  at  the  expense of the original Masoretic
      text  and  standard  Hebrew  usage.  Some in this
      movement  go  so  far  as to believe that you can
      only  be  saved  if you pronounce the Sacred Name
      correctly!  As a friend of mine pointed out, this
      teaching  is  inherently  anti-semitic,  since in
      order for this to be true, the "rabbis" must have
      corrupted  the  text  and  deceived  the  people.
      Moreover,   according  to  them,  the  Greek  New
      Testament  text has been corrupted as well, since
      it does not directly contain the Sacred Name).


Since  I don't know what to think, I decided to ask you
who know much more than I.

   Thank you and best wishes,

   Baruj Diez
     Asturias, España

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