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Steve Miller wrote:

>>Jerry Shepherd Sent: Tuesday, April 04, 2006 3:29 PM> (1) Watts, in his commentary in the Word series, (Isaiah 34-66, pp. 241,> 246; I don't have access to the 2d edition) says that the last word in Isa> 55:5 has a 2fs suffix.  My older Logos version, as well as Accordance (a> student checked for me) have it as 2fs also.  However, if I am reading> Jouon-Muraoka correctly (§61i, [vol. 1, p. 173]), it is identified there> as 2ms.  It seems more likely to me that this latter is correct and that> the suffix is simply in pause.  Anything I am missing?> John J. Owens' Analytical Key to the OT says the suffix of פֵאֲרָֽךְ in Isa.55:5 is 2ms pausal. Could someone explain to me, what does "pausal" mean?Thanks!-Steve MillerDetroit

HH: Steve, any good Hebrew grammar should discuss the concept of pausal 
forms. See Gesenius  Kautch Cowley 29i-v, or  check the index in Waltke 
and O'Connor.

The former understands pause as "the strong tress laid on the 
tone-syllable in the last word of a sentence (verse) or clause."

The latter define pause as "the break in Masoretic verse division 
associated with the end of a verse (marked with silluq and sof pasuq) or 
the middle of a verse (usually marked with athnach); a form in pause may 
show various phonological shifts, in accentuation or vacalization or 

Harold Holmyard


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