[b-hebrew] Isaiah 55:5

Steve Miller smille10 at sbcglobal.net
Tue Apr 4 16:23:58 EDT 2006

> From: Herman Meester Sent: Tuesday, April 04, 2006 4:03 PM
> A syllable is called "pausal" when it is in a position just preceding
> a short pause in recitation. Normally, this would go unnoticed if we
> don't look at the accents, which I admit don't do much either.
> Occasionally, accents are meaningful to the text. The pausal version
> of "....kha" is "...akh". Accents will point to this.
> This "accentology" (my word) is quite a league of its own. If you'd
> like to know more about it, maybe you have the BHS? The introduction
> will mention something, such as their names to begin with. If you want
> to use the accents for singing, best is to go to a chazzan, not to a
> book ;)
Thanks Herman. How would you suggest obtaining BHS? 
-Steve Miller, Detroit

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