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Thomas Thackery tthackery at comcast.net
Tue Apr 4 16:07:49 EDT 2006

Dear Baruj,

The name Jeshua i.e. ישוע appear in the Scriptures 29 times  
according to a simple query: these include 1 Chr 24:11, 2 Chr 31:15,  
Ezr chapters 2 & 3, and in Neh chapters 9 - 12.  As for the form  
"Yeshu," in my limited exposure, I have only encountered this as a  
pejorative acronym ישׁ"ו, though this form is seen in Shem Tov ibn  
Saphrut's Matthew Hebrew (Howard, 1995).

According to Davidson (Hebrew and Chaldae Lexicon) the proper name  
"Yeshua" is a name meaning "he shall be a deliverance, i.e.  
deliverer, for יְהִי־יְהֵי שׁוּע  comp. יֵהוּא)  
pr. name of several persons, and stands often for יְהוֹשוּע)  
(Davidson).  The name is a combination of one of two source, both of  
which employ the use of the 'to-save' root.  The name "Yeshua" can  
either mean "he shall be a deliverance'---where this is a combination  
of 'y'he + shua' thus "Yeshua"; or it is a variant form of  
"Yehoshua" (i.e. Joshua), where 'yeho' is an abbreviated form of  
'Yehovah' (Yehowah) + shua' where the meaning is Yehovah is his  
salvation.   Wether Davidson's rending is tenable, I leave to others.

Thomas Thackery
Sacramento, CA

> On Apr 4, 2006, at 12:40 PM, Herman Meester wrote:
>> Dear Baruj,
>> There is no such basis; Jesus' original name was neither Yehoshua or
>> Yahoshua, it was just Yeshu. Unlike Christians nowadays, Jews in
>> Antiquity didn't have "official" names, as far as I think is known at
>> least, so even if we claim that the "original version" of "Yeshu" had
>> been "Yehoshua", this would have been irrelevant to the Galilean
>> family he was born in.
>> By the way, both /h/ and /`/ (`ayin) were likely not to have been
>> pronounced in Galilee anymore, as the sources suggest, and the name
>> Yehoshua (as a biblical name) was probably pronounced, if people  
>> would
>> discuss a "biblical" subject, simply "Yeshu" too.
>> Writing this, I suddenly worry I misinterpret your question; maybe
>> you'd mean to ask if the name that "Yeshu" ultimately derives of  
>> would
>> have been pronounced "Yahoshua" instead of "Yehoshua"?
>> In the latter case, that is likely, because instead of shwa, the
>> biblical authors likely did pronounce /a/ in this case. However, then
>> they would have pronounced Yahoshu` (or Yahushu`) and not Yahoshua;
>> for the `ayin was not replaced with /a/ yet for Scripture recitation
>> (as the Masoretes resolved their inability to pronounce the
>> gutturals).
>> best regards,
>> Herman Meester,
>> Rotterdam, Netherlands
>> 2006/4/4, Baruj Diez <barujdiez at yahoo.es>:
>>> Dear friends,
>>>    I  would  like  to know if there is a sound basis to
>>> claim that Jesus's original name was "Yahoshua" instead
>>> of   "Yehoshua."  I  would  appreciate  very  much  any
>>> comment.
>>>    Best wishes,
>>> --
>>>    Baruj Diez
>>>      Asturias, España
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